Who we are and where we're going

Since the 2007 financial crisis, the world has been struggling to figure out who is to blame and how to fix the system so that this massive destruction will never happen again. This realization that big corporate banking interests are not aligned with the common man has pushed me towards embracing Peer-to-Peer Lending, Crowdfunding, and all other forms of direct, disintermediated lending. In a global world connected by the internet, where we're sharing more of our personal lives willingly, why should we allow an archaic banking system with massive profits at the expense of the little guy, to continue?

There must be a better way, and towards this end, I have created this website. The charts you see here are just the beginning, with Prosper and Lending Club arguably being the first wave of disintermediated lending websites in the United States, and with Kickstarter occupying the second phase. I look forward to the future Crowdfunding space and you can guarantee that we will try our hardest to integrate the best of these sites.

On our website,, you'll see a Charts section. This will be updated at least on a monthly basis. If you have any recommendations, please visit the about section for contact information. As for the future of this website, this is the strategy for now:

1. Add other, non-traditional lending information.
This is important because this will allow ourselves to add more value to the customer while also realizing our mission to provide the most direct, innovative, and valueable website to our customers. Again, if you have any suggestions as to specific websites you would like added, please see the about section to email me directly.

2. Integrate direct account access to P2P and Crowdfunding sites.
This is also very important and high on the list. We want to add value to your average person who wants to maybe invest in a credit card product, or a microloan for a poor Vietnamese farmer. Maybe, they want to get some equity in return for their investment. They should be able to do all of this from one website, and we plan to make that easy for our customers.

3. Automate front-end, back-end, etc.
This is quite obvious to anyone who's built a web company before, but for those who haven't, basically this is a goal to get the site to a point where we're limiting the manual work and focusing on the value added stuff (items 1-2 and future items).

Thanks for visiting, and hope you enjoy the site!